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Monday, June 18, 2018


Out in time for their appearance at Harshfest IV, and last appearance together for the foreseeable future, POWDA CLIQUE'S "TRILLA DAYZ" is officially out on SHR!

↓DEX046- Powda Clique- Trilla Dayz↓

limited to 60 copies, three different j-card designs, comes with sticker and insert.
20 copies of each design.

$5 a piece, EMAIL or message on FB for a copy!

All these bois got solo shit goin on too, check it out!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Heavy Hitting Goremongers!

Two new single sided splits from three sinew soaked soldiers of splatter!
Lame alliterations aside, I am really excited I got to work with all three of these bands on these two releases, once again, the midwest blows everywhere else out of the fucking water.

↓DEX041- Botched Anastomosis J-Pouch/Agonizing Sepsis split

 ↓DEX042- Squalid/Botched Anastomosis J-Pouch split

Both tapes limited to 50 copies. As always, contact me via email or facebook for orders or trades!

On a semi-related note, I recently joined instagram and will likely update there more often than on FB but I'll continue to update this on a normal basis.
IG= garbage_puker

The next few releases are going to be different as far as packaging and quantity goes and I can't wait to announce them, check back for updates!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Long Overdue Update...


DEX037 Amoebosis/Accidentally Murdered split

Immense two man, long distance, goregrind vs thicc as fuck, violent brutal DM from California. Available on two tone peepee colored tapes, artwork by Jen Lazarus.

DEX039 Collins Cocaine- It's All Over...

Substance abuse driven, self loathing harsh noise. Second and final release from one of the shittiest people I know.

DEX040 Putrid Liquid- Putrid HD

Based brutal goregrind from where else? THE MOTHER FUCKING MIDWEST! US version, co-released with Newborn Porn Prodz.

Seriously though, the Midwest is without a doubt my favorite parts of the country, make sure to hit up Midwest Harshfest 4, 06/29-06-30, keep an eye out on the event page for updates.

As always, EMAIL or PM me to place an order, tapes are $3 a piece.

More brain destroying noise coming soon!!

Image result for nightmares in a damaged brain gif

Sunday, December 3, 2017


I've been working on a bunch of stuff at once, some are coming along faster than others, and instead of sitting on one until they're all ready I'm just going to post as I complete them. So, here's this...


The first release from noisy Croatian mince duo, Aligrindtor! Eight tracks full of thicc riffs and blasts accompanied by inhuman barks, all courtesy of two irradiated alligator/human hybrids.

as always, send me an email or FB message to order, three bucks each.
Expect another update soon!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Vaccinations Are Important

↓DEX030 Street Side Abortion- Masturbating With A Mangled Fetus
The very first full length from the most depraved, fucked up purveyors of the perverse in all of gorenoise! 23 tracks of blown out, blood soaked infant annihilating explosions of terror inducing filth. Housed in a blood soaked burlap sack and wrapped in rusted barbed wire, may or may not contain biological waste.

These are $5 a piece, send me an email or a FB message for a copy.

I will not be held responsible for whatever happens to you as a result of ordering this tape, you're the one dumb enough to knowingly purchase something wrapped in rusted metal. Note: it takes anywhere from 4 days - three weeks to die of tetanus.

Monday, October 30, 2017

NOT A Halloween Release

Significant less free time + printer issues + being perpetually broke = these took a little while to finish. Anyway, here's a bunch of new tapes and some shorts I made...

Ripping, relentless tripper crust from our neighbors in the desolate frozen north!

One of NY's best, pummeling unfuckwithable harsh noise from one of the best humans I know.


Russian gore sickness vs pathological Canadian putridity, you know what it is!


Triple dose of splatterfuckguttergarbage, a horrific, depraved three way of festering rotted out gore!

Insanely thick, heavy, torturous noisegrind from Japan delivering an hour of brain battering noise!

Ragin' Cajun Goth grindcore from Rotchester, no frills, no bullshit just raw as fuck grind. Real ones only!

↓DIY mesh shorts, screened by me, S-XL $11 each (message for size availability)

As always tapes and koozies are $3 each, shorts are $11, send me an email (preferred) or message me on FB.

Gonna be working on something different in the future that I'm really excited about, hopefully I don't fuck it up... I should have another couple tapes ready by the end of November, stay tuned!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Long Overdue Update!

This is by far the longest I've gone without posting an update, I've released 5 new tapes (technically 6 I guess) since the last batch but completely neglected to post it on here, as if anyone checks blogspots over facebook.
A lot of stupid shit has happened to make life harder and productivity slower BUT I made the pilgrimage out to Detroit for the best fest ever organized, MIDWEST HARSHFEST, I'm not going to waste time describing the weekend but it was incredible and if you're unaware, you been fuckin up. This post is already way too long, anyway, here are some tapes...

DEX025- Humanextermination Project- Mindcusher
From the bowels of California comes Humanextermination Project, offering up over 90 minutes of discordant, brain scrambling noise with occasional synthy interludes that sound like they've been lifted straight from a psychedelic slasher flick. If the MK Ultra project had its own soundtrack this would be it.

DEX026- Skuz- Endless Grief
Frothing at the mouth, mongoloid grindfucks that go straight for the throat! NJ's SKUZ hammer out eight tracks of death soaked grind that have been dragged through the mud and violently shoved into your empty, pathetic head by way of a sledgehammer pummeling a railroad spike between your ears.

DEX027- Teeth Gnashers- Last Gasp
In the spirit of brevity I'll keep this, well, brief... I don't remember when I first heard Teeth Gnashers but I was hooked immediately. When everyone was stoked on Bone Awl and Raspberry Bulbs, as well as the litany of other half-assed bands that could never measure up, Teeth Gnashers were (and still are) easily the BEST in the genre and I stand by that. If for no other reason than not adhering to a formula, not taking themselves too seriously while pumping out a solid discography and doing a killer Devo cover (not on this tape). My personal feelings aside, lo-fi, super raw, snarling black metal mixed with sloppy as fuck snotty punk with vocals that are reminiscent of Dave Schall.

 DEX028- HELLGHiLiES- Live! on 88.3
The aural equivalent of waking up drunk, vomiting on a loved one, then continuing the binge by chugging some low ABV gutrot out of a shoe. Get naked, punch your neighbor in the dick and ransack his stupid house.

 DEX029- Deceiver- Screwed & Chopped Vol. 1
 To find out whats on this tape you're gonna have to buy it.

Inopexia- Discography
 Last up is a SECOND RUN of the Inopexia Discography tape. The first run was gone stupid fast and a bunch of people have asked about making more, well, here it is. The material on the tape is the same, the layout is slightly different, oh, and its blue.

All tapes are $3, to place an order email me or send me a message on facebook.
Another batch is already underway, keep your eyes OPEN
Image result for patrick bateman keep your eyes open