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Monday, July 10, 2017

Long Overdue Update!

This is by far the longest I've gone without posting an update, I've released 5 new tapes (technically 6 I guess) since the last batch but completely neglected to post it on here, as if anyone checks blogspots over facebook.
A lot of stupid shit has happened to make life harder and productivity slower BUT I made the pilgrimage out to Detroit for the best fest ever organized, MIDWEST HARSHFEST, I'm not going to waste time describing the weekend but it was incredible and if you're unaware, you been fuckin up. This post is already way too long, anyway, here are some tapes...

DEX025- Humanextermination Project- Mindcusher
From the bowels of California comes Humanextermination Project, offering up over 90 minutes of discordant, brain scrambling noise with occasional synthy interludes that sound like they've been lifted straight from a psychedelic slasher flick. If the MK Ultra project had its own soundtrack this would be it.

DEX026- Skuz- Endless Grief
Frothing at the mouth, mongoloid grindfucks that go straight for the throat! NJ's SKUZ hammer out eight tracks of death soaked grind that have been dragged through the mud and violently shoved into your empty, pathetic head by way of a sledgehammer pummeling a railroad spike between your ears.

DEX027- Teeth Gnashers- Last Gasp
In the spirit of brevity I'll keep this, well, brief... I don't remember when I first heard Teeth Gnashers but I was hooked immediately. When everyone was stoked on Bone Awl and Raspberry Bulbs, as well as the litany of other half-assed bands that could never measure up, Teeth Gnashers were (and still are) easily the BEST in the genre and I stand by that. If for no other reason than not adhering to a formula, not taking themselves too seriously while pumping out a solid discography and doing a killer Devo cover (not on this tape). My personal feelings aside, lo-fi, super raw, snarling black metal mixed with sloppy as fuck snotty punk with vocals that are reminiscent of Dave Schall.

 DEX028- HELLGHiLiES- Live! on 88.3
The aural equivalent of waking up drunk, vomiting on a loved one, then continuing the binge by chugging some low ABV gutrot out of a shoe. Get naked, punch your neighbor in the dick and ransack his stupid house.

 DEX029- Deceiver- Screwed & Chopped Vol. 1
 To find out whats on this tape you're gonna have to buy it.

Inopexia- Discography
 Last up is a SECOND RUN of the Inopexia Discography tape. The first run was gone stupid fast and a bunch of people have asked about making more, well, here it is. The material on the tape is the same, the layout is slightly different, oh, and its blue.

All tapes are $3, to place an order email me or send me a message on facebook.
Another batch is already underway, keep your eyes OPEN
Image result for patrick bateman keep your eyes open

Saturday, April 29, 2017


DEX021 Zoo Guy- Demo

Dissonant, fuzzed-out, noisy lo-fi punk for subversive weirdos! Played with an anxiety inducing sense of urgency that has the tendency to induce maladaptive behavior. Played by a bunch of excellent people from Chicago! 

 DEX022 Big Debbie- Pigz Mad Cuz My Weed Loud

Music for scumbags, plain and simple. Unfuckwithable first release from BIG DEBBIE, four tracks of hip-hop straight outta the grind mecca, Ohio!

DEX023 Asbestosisis- Blocked Up From Barbecue

Putrid, chunk-strewn-sewage laden, festering Aussie gore!!
Reissue of the CDr originally released by the band plus extra unreleased material! Comes with a double sided koozie! *$4 with the koozie, if for some stupid reason you don't want the koozie it's $3*

↓DEX024- The Maricopa Department Of Waste Management- Malodorous Lords Of The Ever Growing Heap

Third release from AZ goreboiz, TMCDWM! Nine maggot ridden heaps of relentless grinding gorenoise.

33 copies of each, $3 a piece* email syrupheadzine at gmail or facebook to place an order.



DIY double sided koozies to help keep your beer/cough syrup nice and cold! I also have some extra Asbestosisis koozies. $3 a piece


The first non SHR item for sale! Gruesome war themed, hand drawn comic, limited copies available so don't sleep on this! Hit up the man behind the comic at COSMIC VOID DARK ARTS for some seriously sick artwork!

message me at syrupheadzine at gmail or facebook to place an order!

Thursday, March 9, 2017


An unheard of post that has nothing to do with new releases...
So I mainly operate via facebook and email, that's been cut in half since facebook doesn't believe that I am in face Syrup Head. While we play this bullshit game of hurry up and wait SHR is still active and can still be reached via email and work has not stopped or slowed down. Stay tuned for details, or don't, either way buy some god damn tapes!

Sunday, March 5, 2017


DEX017- Cult Of Pythagoras/Bashful Tardigrade split

DEX019- Hypnic Jerk- Sincere Noisecore Discography 2xCS

2xCS, comes with a mini poster

DEX020- Putocracy- 50 Second Demo

A rare exception to the $3 each rule is the Hypnic Jerk Discog because it's two tapes, includes a mini poster and was an immense pain in the ass to put together. The Hypnic Jerk tape is $6 and the others are $3. To order send an email to syrupheadzine at gmail or message me on Facebook.

Thursday, February 16, 2017



(plus something rather pleasant)

↓DEX013 Deceiver- S/T↓

Unlike other Deceiver releases, this isn't the ear piercing, jarring harsh noise we all know and love, this is quite the opposite. Mr. Goodrich  has taken a different path this time around and not only released something fairly quiet in comparison to his other releases, but rather pleasing to the ear. While the loops roll on and on you find yourself lost in their beautiful simplicity. These recordings are bound to induce a near euphoric state and bring you to a place of quiet contemplation while a slight feeling of dread lurks silently in the background. Kind of like a peaceful walk in the woods but you can feel someone watching you. 
This is a physical reissue of "The Bass Loop Demos" (originally released online by Prime Eggsample in 2014) plus three additional tracks that were recorded at a later date.

↓DEX014 Landfill- S/T EP↓

This mother fucking monster comes straight outta tha Midwest grind mecca, OHIO! An immediate, unrelenting barrage of furious, avalanche like, gut wrenching riffs coupled with manic, bone crushing, machine gun drums and a vocal attack that sounds like a fed-the-fuck-up frothy purge of a thousand furious, disgusted pigs, ready to lunge at the next motherfucker dumb enough to step in their way. That is all.

↓DEX015- Liquefied Insides- Chopped Internal Organs↓

Goremaster General Adam Rotella (Anal Birth, Grotesque Deformities and countless others), with the assistance of Josh Dahne on drums, delivers another sickening slab of rotting, indescribable filth! A relentless cavalcade of who knows how many tracks of blown the fuck out drum n bass gore!

↓DEX016- Hades Mining Co.- Mass Blackness Part 3↓

Are you tired of that nonsensical, feel good, 'everyone's awesome', radio pop shit that's been polluting the airwaves as of late? Do you miss wading through the disturbing, off-putting drone of the sonic equivalent of immeasurable disgust for your fellow man? Well, you've come to the right place. This third installment of "Mass Blackness" does it's best to make sure that you wont venture any further into the realm of unknown horrors that is HMC.

↓DEX018- Inopexia- S/T↓

From Russia, with contempt. A cacophonous, unrelenting wall of noise that's out to fucking pummel you into submission! In fact, it does such an outstanding job that the coroner scraping up your disgusting, pulverized  corpse questions whether or they can continue to do their job after seeing what happened to you for playing this tape! This is a collection of some of the best material Inopexia has release since their inception.

To place an order email me at syrupheadzine at gmail or message me on Facebook!
DEX017 is almost ready and will be announced along with the next batch. The printer I normaly use recently caught fire so I was unable to print the sleeves. Stay tuned for batch number seven!!

Thursday, January 5, 2017



↓DEX010- 16-武装翼の女神/Orbalisk split↓

16-武装翼の女神 offers up 8 bursts of gore soaked dystopian grind with samples, and even some melody, strewn throughout. If you'd like a glimpse into the undeniably bleak future that awaits us all, look no further. Orbalisk lures you in with what seems like an intentionally clumsy piano melody over the almighty breakbeat, but that quickly devolves into blown the fuck out noise venturing off into the realm of gore all while somehow maintaining it's enticing melody.

↓DEX011- Street Side Abortion/Verminous Incubation split↓

Welcome to the sonic equivalent of physical assault. Verminous Incubation and Streetside Abortion spew forth an indescribable aural assault like you've never heard. Flesh eroding pitch-shifted vocals over thunderous skull fucking drums, leading to an experience that'll make you feel as if you've been disemboweled, had your intestines strung up across a fretboard and shredded into fucking oblivion!

↓DEX012- 注射針混入豚- A History Of Violence/Live Atrocities↓
I don't often venture in to the realm of Death Metal but when I do it's usually because it's so fucking disgusting I can't bring myself to turn it off. Hailing from Niigata, Japan, this one man gore brigade will stop at nothing to pulverize your worthless life into an unrecognizable pulp of skin, mangled intestine and bone. Contains tracks from the first demo (2014), a 4 way split (2015) and a live recording from a show in Seoul. The name roughly translates to Needle-Contaminated Pork.

To order, email me at syrupheadzine at gmail or message me on facebook.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Hallowhatever...


DEX004- Emaciated Waste- Syrup Slurred Visions (originally released on Spaced Out Recordings)
DEX005- Totally Tubular- Survive The Slime
DEX006- Collin's Cocaine- From Sex to Bloodpuke
DEX007- Phyllomedusa- The Foam Nest
DEX008- Deflowered Cunt- Cunt-Fest*
DEX009- Celebrate- S/T

↓Emaciated Waste- Syrup Slurred Visions↓
 ↓Totally Tubular- Survive The Slime↓
 ↓Deflowered Cunt- Cunt Fest↓
 ↓Celebrate- S/T↓
 ↓Phyllomedusa- The Foam Nest↓
↓Collin's Cocaine- From Sex To Bloodpuke↓

As always, all tapes are limited to 33 copies, only 16 of each are available from me, all are $3 a piece. To order, email me at syrupheadzine at gmail or message me on facebook.

*Deflowered Cunt full length also available on 8 track (H8-Track Stereo) and CDr (Fermented Bile Vomit Productions).

Keep a look out for batch 4 , which is already well underway!