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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


From 11/22 until 11/25, receive 35% off your order by using the code "turkie" at checkout in  the Third Eye Grind webstore!

 Discount also available via email and Facebook use subject "turkie"

In other news, two new tapes are in the works and I'm hoping to have some news about another vinyl release before the year is over.

Enjoy the holiday and pick up some noise!!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

November Update!

Now Available on Syrup Head Recordings!

↓DEX043- Sulfuric Cautery/Horrible Pain split S/Sided 12"

Visceral, no frills, grind avalanche from the Midwest vs unrelenting, raw, vomitous grind from Canada! Co-released with Acid Redux Productions, Feel Good Grind Tapes, Blast Addict and Grindfather Productions. $11

DEX049- Living Room- (Untitled) CS

An inescapable, disorienting cut-up blur from the Midwest, a wall of exhilarative destruction with no discernible purpose except to distort and alarm. $5

↓DEX49.5- Wuzee- Wuzee Raps CDr

Laid back, infectious hip-hop from Grand Rapids, MI. This is a selection of songs from  WuZee's full length albums, plus some non-album tracks. Look out for the three tape box set, coming soon from Syrup Head! $5

↓DEX051- Vomitoma- Dead Meat Hooked To A Car Battery CS

Midwest mutilation at it's absolute finest, 17 disgusting new tracks of pummeling, gore soaked grind! $5 

↓DEX052- Pleasure Trauma- Myself, To A Fault CS

Two tracks of intense, pained, substance driven harsh noise. $3

Message me vial email or Facebook for copies, wholesale also available.
you can also pick up copies in my webstore.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September Label Update!

Bored at work and figured it was about time I made an update on here.

I'm currently working on three new tapes and waiting for a split 12" test to be approved and go to press. I recently screened more basketball shorts and koozies, two different designs of each, and had coffee mugs made by the homie Levi of Aphelion Design Collective and couldn't have come out better!

SHR will be back in the magical Midwest this weekend for the ridiculously stacked ANTI MUSIC FEST 4 in Dayton, OH!! I will also be heading back up to Vestal, NY in October for sure to be wild as fuck, RAPID DECAY FEST 2! Both fests have unbelievable lineups and if you don't hit up either one, you're fuckin up big time.

design one
design two

Shorts- $11
Mugs- $12
Koozies- $3
If you want to pick anything up, as always, e-mail me or send me a message on facebook!

On another note, I don't usually post anything like this on here but, my other label Third Eye Grind Records just dropped it's last release! The long awaited and unrelentingly vicious Grinchfinger/Camphora Monobromata split 7"! Co-released with a bunch of great labels I don't feel like typing out, limited to 519 copies!

preview the Grinchfinger tracks here!

*photo stolen from Grinchfinger*

Syrup Head releases and Merch are now available on the Third Eye Grind website, but orders can still be placed directly through me via FB and meail!

Monday, June 18, 2018


Out in time for their appearance at Harshfest IV, and last appearance together for the foreseeable future, POWDA CLIQUE'S "TRILLA DAYZ" is officially out on SHR!

↓DEX046- Powda Clique- Trilla Dayz↓

limited to 60 copies, three different j-card designs, comes with sticker and insert.
20 copies of each design.

$5 a piece, EMAIL or message on FB for a copy!

All these bois got solo shit goin on too, check it out!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Heavy Hitting Goremongers!

Two new single sided splits from three sinew soaked soldiers of splatter!
Lame alliterations aside, I am really excited I got to work with all three of these bands on these two releases, once again, the midwest blows everywhere else out of the fucking water.

↓DEX041- Botched Anastomosis J-Pouch/Agonizing Sepsis split

 ↓DEX042- Squalid/Botched Anastomosis J-Pouch split

Both tapes limited to 50 copies. As always, contact me via email or facebook for orders or trades!

On a semi-related note, I recently joined instagram and will likely update there more often than on FB but I'll continue to update this on a normal basis.
IG= garbage_puker

The next few releases are going to be different as far as packaging and quantity goes and I can't wait to announce them, check back for updates!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Long Overdue Update...


DEX037 Amoebosis/Accidentally Murdered split

Immense two man, long distance, goregrind vs thicc as fuck, violent brutal DM from California. Available on two tone peepee colored tapes, artwork by Jen Lazarus.

DEX039 Collins Cocaine- It's All Over...

Substance abuse driven, self loathing harsh noise. Second and final release from one of the shittiest people I know.

DEX040 Putrid Liquid- Putrid HD

Based brutal goregrind from where else? THE MOTHER FUCKING MIDWEST! US version, co-released with Newborn Porn Prodz.

Seriously though, the Midwest is without a doubt my favorite parts of the country, make sure to hit up Midwest Harshfest 4, 06/29-06-30, keep an eye out on the event page for updates.

As always, EMAIL or PM me to place an order, tapes are $3 a piece.

More brain destroying noise coming soon!!

Image result for nightmares in a damaged brain gif

Sunday, December 3, 2017


I've been working on a bunch of stuff at once, some are coming along faster than others, and instead of sitting on one until they're all ready I'm just going to post as I complete them. So, here's this...


The first release from noisy Croatian mince duo, Aligrindtor! Eight tracks full of thicc riffs and blasts accompanied by inhuman barks, all courtesy of two irradiated alligator/human hybrids.

as always, send me an email or FB message to order, three bucks each.
Expect another update soon!