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Friday, April 5, 2019

New Tape And CDr out now!

That's right, two new batches in one week, how? I have no life!

Now available on Syrup Head Recordings!!

DEX047 Dosis Letalis/Spreaders split CDr

Serbias finest export, rage fueled, soul crushing HNW paired with one of the best, most intense noise projects to ever come out of New York!
Let the noise lull you into oblivion.
limited to 30 copies.

↓DEX056 Hit Run Drivers/Aligrindtor split CS

Murderous mince marathon!
Croatia's Aligrindtor offers up new ten new tracks of their own brand of vile mince while Hit Run Drivers, hailing from Maine, mercilessly plows through a live audience!
Limited to 100 copies on a ridiculous amount of colors, co-release with Vehicular Homicide Productions

Listen to Aligrindtor here and Hit Run Drivers here, buy here!

For trades, wholesale or international/cash orders, send me an email.
Both of these, as well as all other available SHR releases, and hundreds of other tapes, CDs, vinyl and merch available in the Third Eye Grind store!
Buy here!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Four New Tapes Out Now!

↓DEX058 Unmen- Life Is Skull CS
First new release in ten years from these mongoloid Jersey grinders! Limited to 100 copies on four different colors! This was a co-release with Riotous Outburst Records.
listen here, order here!

↓DEX059 Bowel Erosion- 5 Traxx Demo CS
First physical release from Long Island goregrind maniacs, BOWEL EROSION! 
Limited to 30 copies
Preview the first three tracks here!

DEX063 Taunt- Demo 2019 CS
Another first release! Killer hardcore from California, these young bucks know whats up!
listen here

↓DEX064 Lymphocytic- The Rancid Sound Of Ripping Flesh CS

Absolutely horrific goregrind, venturing heavy into gorenoise territory, from the UK! Psychotic, depraved and devoid of any respect for human life! Not safe for cowards! Limited to 50 copies

All of these tapes, plus tons of other CDs/tapes/Vinyl/hats/shirts/etc, are available over at the Third Eye Grind Distro, order here!!
As always, email about trades, wholesale, international or cash orders.

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Now available on Syrup Head Recordings!

DEX060-Pleasure Trauma- I Deserve To Be Alone CS

Feedback laden, self loathing harsh noise that sometimes ventures into Power Electronics, available on multiple colored tapes, limited to 30 copies which is probably too many.

↓DEX061- My Sister Is A Cop- S/T CS

Maniacal, squealing abhorrence in the form of violent sheet metal abuse!
One man noisecore from the depths of a Detroit police evidence room, limited to 36 copies on clear tapes with gold foil labels.
First ten orders come with a free mini poster

listen here.

As always, email or message me to place a cash or international order. Domestic orders hit up the webstore for all available SHR releases as well as hundreds of other distro items.
Wholesale available, trades welcome.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

ROTchester in the house!

Now available from Syrup Head Recordings!

DEX055- Hallucination Realized- Made Hostage To Your Psyche CS

Rochester's realest unleash another terrific aural assault of life shattering, unrelenting grindcore! Without a doubt their best output to date and one of the top releases from 2018.

Originally released on CD in 2018 and still available from the band.

Available on purple and white tapes.

↓DEX058- Holy Water- 2018 Demo CS

Frothing at the mouth, no holds barred grindcore strewn with hip-hop samples. I could list what members are in other projects, but that's a waste of time and an immensely stupid reason to want to support a band. Unfuckwithable, skull hammering sonic violence, get with it chumps.

Available on various color tapes with gold foil tape labels.

For international/cash orders send me an email, for domestic orders check out Third Eye Grind Records for all available SHR releases.

wholesale also available!

Monday, January 21, 2019



DEX048- 16-武装翼の女神- Catastrophic Outcome Of Progress CS

At long last, 16AWG finally unleashes a full-length of their own brand of pummeling, futuristic gore hell! Imagine being crushed by a towering heap of technological waste, dripping with unidentifiable fluids, and while you're learning to cope with your mortality in the face of the oncoming technological apocalypse, the cyberwaste pile gains sentience. This album gives us a glimpse into the incredibly bleak future that awaits us all, this is the soundtrack to that putrid, post-apocalyptic nightmare.
Limited to 60 copies on various color tapes.

↓DEX053- Swarrrm- こわれはじめる (Beginning To Break) CS

Japanese grind legends, Swarrrm, are still at it, and though they've taken a serious departure from playing straight forward grindcore they're better than ever! This album is a continuation of their exploration in sound, a natural progression from their previous albums "Black Bong" and "Flower," there's no way this can be pinned down to any specific genre. "Beginning To Break" is an album that demands your attention from start to finish and I'm honored to have been able to work with this band.
Limited to 100 copies on red tapes.

This was co-released with Long Legs Long Arms and Larry Records

↓DEX012- 注射針混入豚- History Of Violence/Live Atrocities CS (REISSUE)

One man slamming brutal death metal from Japan!
Made from a re-recorded master with different layout work and a bonus track from NCP's upcoming full length!
Limited to 60 copies, available on bone and white tapes.

To place an international order or inquire about a trade, email me
Visit Third Eye Grind Recs to order from the webstore.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


From 11/22 until 11/25, receive 35% off your order by using the code "turkie" at checkout in  the Third Eye Grind webstore!

 Discount also available via email and Facebook use subject "turkie"

In other news, two new tapes are in the works and I'm hoping to have some news about another vinyl release before the year is over.

Enjoy the holiday and pick up some noise!!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

November Update!

Now Available on Syrup Head Recordings!

↓DEX043- Sulfuric Cautery/Horrible Pain split S/Sided 12"

Visceral, no frills, grind avalanche from the Midwest vs unrelenting, raw, vomitous grind from Canada! Co-released with Acid Redux Productions, Feel Good Grind Tapes, Blast Addict and Grindfather Productions. $11

DEX049- Living Room- (Untitled) CS

An inescapable, disorienting cut-up blur from the Midwest, a wall of exhilarative destruction with no discernible purpose except to distort and alarm. $5

↓DEX49.5- Wuzee- Wuzee Raps CDr

Laid back, infectious hip-hop from Grand Rapids, MI. This is a selection of songs from  WuZee's full length albums, plus some non-album tracks. Look out for the three tape box set, coming soon from Syrup Head! $5

↓DEX051- Vomitoma- Dead Meat Hooked To A Car Battery CS

Midwest mutilation at it's absolute finest, 17 disgusting new tracks of pummeling, gore soaked grind! $5 

↓DEX052- Pleasure Trauma- Myself, To A Fault CS

Two tracks of intense, pained, substance driven harsh noise. $3

Message me vial email or Facebook for copies, wholesale also available.
you can also pick up copies in my webstore.